Sizing Charts

Clothing Size Charts

Please note as our pieces are all hand cut, please allow a garment tolerance of +/- 1cm to 1.5cm to your measurements. 


Size Length Waist
 6-12 Month 44cm 23cm
1 Year 46.5cm 25cm
2 Year 49cm 27cm
3 Year 51.5cm 29cm
4 Year 54cm 31cm
5 Year 56.5cm 33cm
6 Year 59cm 35cm



 Size Length Chest
0-3 Month 37cm 23.5cm
3-6 Month 39cm 25.5cm
6-12 Month 41cm 27.5cm
1 Year 43cm 29.5cm
2 Year 45cm 31.5cm
3 Year 47cm 32.5cm


Short Overalls

 Size Length Chest
6-12 Month 37cm 26.5cm
1 Year 40.5cm 28cm
2 Year 46cm 30cm
3 Year 50.5cm 31cm
4 Year 54.5cm 32.5cm
5 Year 58.5cm 34cm
6 Year 62.5cm 35.5cm


Crop Tops

Size Length Chest
6-12 Month 14.5cm 20.5cm
1 Year 15.5cm 21cm
 2 Year 16.5cm 22cm
3 Year 18.5cm 23cm
4 Year 20.5cm 24.5cm
5 Year 22.5cm 26cm
6 Year 24.5cm 27.5cm